Karin Tomner Broman

Karin Tomner Broman is  a dentist and a paradressage rider  who  lives in Örnsköldsvik.  In 2007 , she suffered a very serious accident with her horse  and  became fully paralyzed  due to a neck fracture and  a spinal cord injury. Nowadays, Karin can walk but have a permanent disability. She is classified as a Grade III pararider.

Karin  owns 2 horses :

- Golden King, a gelding born 1997, with whom she started riding again  after her accident. They compete at  Msv B / Msv A level . They also won  a SM silver medal  in paradressage in  2016

-Melcheor, a gelding born in 2000,  that she competes at MsvB/Msv A level, 
Karin ’s ambition is to ride at Prix St George level with consistent results, and  reach the Intermediaire 1 level.